Women – let´s do more business with each other


Two male business acquaintances go out to play a round of golf. After 18 holes, they thank each other, go into the bar for a beer, shake hands and one says to the other: – I will have David call Simon tomorrow and draw up the papers. Ok? – Sounds great, he gets as reply. They made a deal.

Two female business acquaintances go out to play a round of gold (if at all they will go out to play golf together, or do any off-work activities together). After 18 holes, they thank each other. Maybe they go into the bar and (maybe) have a beer. They will have talked about many things, but not much business. There´s no deal. 

I have a bias, and most probably many more biases. That´s just what´s its like being human. This bias is that women do not do enough to help other women in business. Being in the professional services business since more than 25 years, more specific in management consulting, I know that the road to success in my line of work is business – a lot of it. Business, again in my line of work, is about selling assignments, selling change transformations, selling projects. The more business you sell, the more successful you will be. The road to partnership is mainly about your business portfolio. What will you bring into the partnership? Of course, there are other important aspects that will be taken into account such as personality, leadership skills, teambuilding and quality of delivery. But even if you are great in all of those, no business – no partnership. The road to success surely is similar in many other businesses, sales is very important.

”Why doesn´t women help each other be more successful, by doing more business with each other?”

Susanne Tillqvist, Founder Still Consulting

You – business woman – when is the last time you met or called up another business woman – asking her to do business with you, on the ground that you both are women? How can we help each other be more succesful? The fact that you both are fully capable in your respective fields – delivers on time, on budget and according to quality – is not disputable. Do business with each other – because you are women and because that is a concrete way that you can help each other to the top positions.

I have been to many female network meetings. Many have been great and very valuable for my growth and network. I get to meet new people, often learn new things, and leave feeling high and full of energy. Seldom, if ever, have I left with a new concrete business lead. Let´s stop networking less to meet and learn. Let´s start women meetings with the sole purpose to identify new business leads and new business partners. I know that there are many many women (and men) who have done and do a lot to promote women into top leadership positions. And of course we should continue doing business with men. Let´s continue with all of that, but let´s add an additional focus on women doing business with each other. Men have been doing it since forever. Let´s make a change. Let´s change the game.